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Whimsical high-quality vinyl stickers


Customizable notebooks for writing, sketching,
list-making, and more.

Nena from Pennsylvania

“How cute are these stickers?!! They are also very well made and the seller shipped them quickly. The seller is very nice. I will definitely order from this shop again. :) "

Quiet Endeavours

     Hi, I'm Jennifer, a creative introvert nestled in the serene landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

     In a world often bustling with noise and activity, I've found solace in the tranquility of my own space, and I'm on a mission to share that serenity with others. Through Quiet Endeavours, my passion project, I strive to curate and create beautiful and delightful products that enrich the lives of those who appreciate the calm and subtle joys of a quiet lifestyle. 

     With a keen eye for design and a heart for the peaceful moments in life, I curate and create (a Studio Jenn page is coming soon) unique creations that resonate with the soul, fostering a sense of harmony and contentment. From cozy home decor on the Zazzle platform, to whimsical stickers sold on these pages, each item is infused with the essence of tranquility, inviting you to embrace the beauty of simplicity. 

     At Quiet Endeavours, my aim is not only to offer exquisite - and fun - products but also to inspire and uplift. Whether you're seeking a moment of quiet reflection or simply delighting in the small pleasures of everyday life with a sense of humor and childlike wonder, I hope to be your companion on your journey towards joy and fulfillment. 

     Join me in celebrating the art of quiet living, and let's embark on a serene adventure together. Explore our collection and discover the magic of finding joy in the gentle whispers of existence. 

     Quiet Endeavours - Where tranquility meets creativity, and every moment is a quiet celebration!

     With gratitude,


Giving Back

A portion of the profits made from selected products are donated to the following organizations.

Look for the Giving Back banner on product photos.

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